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India House's dishes will take you on a journey of authentic Indian flavours.

India House dishes will take you on a journey of authentic Indian flavours. Our kitchen provides handcrafted familiar classic dishes to heat up and enjoy at home. The secret of tasty and gentle aromatic flavour lies in traditional recipes as bold as well as rich seasoning. Familiar dishes from the restaurants are now available in Stores with fair-sized portions. Enjoy the journey of flavours!



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Enjoy the journey of flavours!

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Our operating model is simple and risk-free for the retailer.

K-market Esplanadi

K-Market Kaivopuisto

K-market Erottaja

K-Citymarket Kerava

K-market Freda

K-market Eerikinkatu

K-Market Lönkan Herkku

K-market Reimarla

K-Supermarket Yliveto

K-Citymarket Vantaa Tammisto

K-Supermarket Kamppi
K-Market Pietari
K-Market Jokiniemi
K-Supermarket Munkki

K-Citymarket Malmi

K-Citymarket Koivukylä

K-Supermarket Torpparinmäki

K-Citymarket Ruoholahti

K-Supermarket Hertta

K-Market Arabianranta

K-Market Kotikontu

K-Supermarket Mustapekka

K-Market Topeliuksenkatu

K-Market Kisahalli

K-Market Pacius

K-Market Meclu

K-market Museokatu

K‑Market Lönnrotinkatu

K‑Market Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu

K-Market Kaakkola

K-Supermarket Hyrrä

K-Supermarket WestBest

K-Market Kaakkola

K-Supermarket Vattuniemi

K-Citymarket Myyrmanni

K-Supermarket Suuris

K-Market Aurinolahit

K-Supermarket Honkatori

K-Market Mansku


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You can find our specialities on our partnered restaurants and store shelves. You can also call us for bulk order


Enjoy Hygenic Taste

Our Specialities are packed under expert supervision and are packed with expiry dates which helps buyers to know it's authenticity and then buy.


India House dishes are a productive way to increase customer satisfaction and add popular, restaurant-quality meals to your product range. Traditional classic servings and variable seasonal servings bring variety and interesting additions to the selection. The shelf life and safety of the portions have been verified by laboratory tests. The packaging and labelling are in accordance with food regulations.

Our operating model is simple and risk-free for the retailer. The dishes are prepared, packed and refrigerated in our kitchen located in Kerava and delivered directly to the stores. We automatically take care of the sufficiency and freshness of the dishes at the store.

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